MARIAN CURZYDŁO concentrated on  product photography, mainly for automotive (POLMOT, DĘBICA), plastic (GAMRAT) and brewing (OKOCIM) industries. His everyday tools were SINAR, MAMYIA, HASSELBLAD analogue cameras, MULTIBLITZ lighting and DURST, JOBO and COLENTA lab equipments.
His is known for work in the early days of digital photography. In mid-nineties, he equipped his studio with professional digital systems, unique in the Poland-scale at the time : MAC computers (1994), LASER MASTER wide-format printers (1995), PHASE ONE digital scanning systems (1996) and lighting brush technique  (LIGHTBRUSH 500 by Creative Light Works).
Almost all following photos were took using analogue equipment, as a result of combining various photography techniques (shortly described below each photo).

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